FED - A Coaching Approach to Giving Feedback

taught by Deborah Dalley with Joy Palmer

Course description

Feedback is essential to our learning and career development. But so often we get feedback wrong - we handle feedback conversations poorly, or we avoid giving or receiving it all together. In this course, you'll learn what good feedback is, and how to recognise and avoid many of the typical errors we can make when giving it. You'll also gain more insight into why we avoid giving feedback at all.

We will teach you how to give effective, powerful feedback to your co-workers using our coaching model, FED. This is a model designed to ensure that your feedback is constructive, useful, and facilitates the learning of others - it will help you avoid the pitfalls of advice-giving, making assumptions, blaming, or giving empty praise.

Feedback doesn’t just ‘happen’ 
Feedback is a coaching skill that needs to be mastered and deliberately practiced on a routine basis - and we will give you the right tools to feel prepared and confident in your feedback conversations.

Who should take this this course?
This course is primarily aimed at leaders and managers, but as we explain, creating a feedback culture means soliciting it, giving it, and encouraging it between others. Feedback should not be a limited to conversations between line manager and direct report, it needs to be practiced by everyone within an organisation, regardless of role or level. This course has been designed so that any member of staff can learn these skills as part of their professional development.
But if you are a leader or manager, then modelling and cultivating a feedback culture within your team or organisation starts with you.

In this course, you'll learn:
  • What feedback is (and what it isn't)
  • The importance of feedback for our learning and development
  • The reasons why we avoid giving feedback
  • The difference between effective and poor feedback
  • How to give effective, powerful feedback to your co-workers – using a the FED coaching model

How you’ll learn:
  • Short video tutorials/screencasts 
  • Learning content available to download and print
  • Self-reflective and analysis exercises 
  • Short acted films of poor feedback conversations – using real world examples - and analysis of how things went wrong
  • Follow up films playing out the same scenarios, but this time strengthening their feedback – and avoiding pitfalls - by using the FED model.

Deborah Dalley with Joy Palmer
Deborah Dalley with Joy Palmer

Hello - we are Deborah Dalley and Joy Palmer. 

Deborah is an independent coach, facilitator and trainer with 25 years experience of individual and group development. Joy coaches on a part time basis and also works as Head of Product, Digital Resources at Jisc. She has over 15 years of management and leadership experience in higher education. 

We both have real enthusiasm for helping people to explore ways to deal with situations that they are finding difficult or challenging.  We believe that being able to give effective feedback is one of the most single most important - and powerful - skills any professional (or person!) can have.

For any comments or questions, please email Joy at  joyepalmer@outlook.com

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
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The FED model - a coaching approach to feedback
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How would you rate your own skills in giving feedback?
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Preparing for feedback discussions
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Feedback or a difficult conversation?
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